The world is full of risks, and the online world is not free of them. This is why we place creating a safe trading environment at the top of our priorities in “CAPM”. We guarantee the security of our clients investments and the safety of their funds. Our professional behavior and our effort in maintaining the integrity of our clients accounts earned us the confidence of our as we use several ways to insure safety:


We fully separate between all clients’ funds, each in a separate account for each client, and we are keen to separate clients’ funds from our operational funds. This ensures that our clients’ funds will not be used to pay any of our financial requirements, which enables all clients to withdraw their funds at any time.


“CAPM” holds the responsibility to maintain its reputation, and for this we register clients’ deposits with first-class banks and high quality financial.


All brokers that are subject to regulation supervision must meet strict financial standards, including having a big enough financial cover. Brokers need to submit financial reports to regulators on a regular basis, and regulators have the right to impose on fines or even end the regulatory status of a broker if violations happen. The constant supervision puts certain limits for financial risk.


Our system is designed to have automated risk management to reduce the chances of depleting your trading account to zero or to a negative value.